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DG (actual name Diego Kang) is a famous Korean star who also serves as the CEO of PTJ Entertainment, an idol training company. He has a tight relationship with Charles Choi. He used to go by the name James Lee, but he gave up that identity after achieving his aim, and Daniel Park’s second body now goes by that name. He is recognized as the first generation’s legend.

DG Lookism

All you need to know about DG Lookism

DG was originally known as James Lee, the Legend of the First Generation, who put a violent end to the first generation by defeating all of his contemporaries quickly and (supposedly) individually. After completing his mission, he vanished, but soon reappeared in Seoul as one of Charles Choi’s ten geniuses, helping to create the four major teams. Because of his exploits and position, he became a target, prompting him to adopt a new persona as DG the pop star. As a result, he altered his name, attitude, and speech pattern as he progressed toward his objective.

After Oliver, DG was sent as a trainee, and his talents and attractiveness rapidly made him famous across the world. DG went on to become a well-known vocalist and the CEO of PTJ Entertainment.

Daniel noticed various indications concerning DG’s prior existence as James Lee when studying his second body. Daniel comes into a file that has information about his second body: it’s named James Lee. The file contains information about James Lee’s residence, including the fact that he lives alone and that his parents live in another country. Except for James Lee’s jacket, he discovers the location on the file to be vacant and abandoned. The garment takes him to a school where James Lee is the recipient of several accolades and prizes. He comes upon a photograph of a market with a family, and an elderly guy explains that a youngster and his father lived there five years ago.

How old is DG Lookism ?

DG Lookism has now 22 years old, he is Over 188cm (6’2″), In the wiki, it’s stated he is 20. In chapter 19 he is stated to be as old as Namsoo. It’s just so much unclarity between it. I’m very certain that his age hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Anyone got some DG theories? How strong do you think he is? Does he have 2 bodies? How does he know Daniel’s secret? Does he know Crystal’s secret?

IMO he has a very menacing presence about him. In the few scenes he is in, he seems very smart and fearless. He also seems very ruthless since he didn’t care about Aru’s situation like everyone else.

  • I think he is stronger than gun/goo. The chairman and crystal have Gun and Goo as bodyguards, but DG is usually alone. So he must have something up his sleeve.
  • I think he does have 2 bodies and he was the first test subject of the chairman. But he got greedy with his body and wants to take over the company. As for his second body, I have no clue, maybe he is related to the H group (Jay’s father’s company).
  • On that note, I think he knows Daniel and Crystal’s secrets because he’s working with the chairman on the 2 body project and perhaps picked Daniel as the next subject.

DG Lookism Personality

DG is calmer and more collected than the majority, if not all, of the characters in Lookism. He prefers to passively study and watch others, but when he speaks, he is aloof and remote, only warming up to select individuals (some examples are the HNH Chairman and his daughter, Crystal). DG is also quite honest, but because he doesn’t speak much, it might be tough to figure out what he’s thinking.

He is well-known for his intelligence and talent. In his old school, which is now closed, a hall of his trophies and accolades was exhibited, demonstrating his competence in many subjects. He has won several honors, including those for painting, poetry, golf, swimming, tennis, and many more.

Using these two martial arts in combination he was able to overwhelm Scott Kwon and Dominic Min, two very skilled fighters in their own right.

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